ACVITS – Next Generation Content Management Portal System

ACVITS (Active Content for Vertical IT Systems), is a next-generation intelligent Content Management Portal System (CMPS) in the Amazon AWS ecosystem that supports full document lifecycle management. It allows you to manage documents electronically, easy and secure way. The application development has made every effort to adhere the DoD’s Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) tool.

ACVITS provides the following features:

  1. Full Document Life Cycle Management functionality.
  2. Advanced end to end security.
  3. OTP (One Time Password) based Multifactor authentication delivers a high level of authentication.
  4. Any attempt to change profile details, password or invalid password attempts will send OTP to the registered mobile number, thus making it more secure.
  5. Supports all file types.
  6. Familiar and intuitive interface for users.
  7. Separation of Enterprise folders and Personal folders.
  8. Ease to share a document with internal and external customers using links instead of sending a document.
  9. The automatic disappearance of a shared link to external customers after a set period.
  10. Ability to create user groups.
  11. Ability to create roles and assign to user or group.
  12. Ability to make a document as favorite.
  13. Document renewal reminder alert.
  14. High availability 99.99.
  15. Legal hold.
  16. Auditability at application and infrastructure level.
  17. Supported on all devices that run an Internet Browser.
  18. Acts as a centralized document portal allow links to third-party applications.
  19. Ability to a large number of documents in a non-intrusive method.
  20. Ability to search, and filter the documents and users.
  21. Ability to run client’s AWS or OOAC Cloud environment.
  22. Cost effective SaaS model or run at your AWS account.
  23. Ability to build custom extensions on relationship across documents and predictable model.
  24. Select and share multiple files with multiple recipients
  25. Upload files and get a link to share with stakeholders.
  26. Simple and fast online file sharing experience.
  27. Enable security and privacy at each file and folder level
  28. Upload operation is a background activity. User can continue using other features while upload is in progress
  29. The secure and confidential ecosystem for your documents.
  30. Supports very large document size up to TB.
  31. Supports organizational records management.
  32. Login page offers a window for corporate communication where announcements can be posted.
  33. Content admin panel with a dashboard of valuable GUI graphs on Content usage.


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