ACVITS – Next Generation Content Management Portal System

OOAC has administered a content management system with approximately 250 million documents at a Federal Civilian agency for over nine years. Our company has supported the deployment of one of the  largest document management systems for the military, in addition to  supporting school systems and law firms.

ACVITS (Active Content Vertical IT System) is a next-generation intelligent Content Management Portal System in the Amazon AWS ecosystem that supports full content lifecycle management. It allows you to manage documents electronically in an  easy and secure way. The application is designed to adhere to the DoD’s Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG).


Our team’s extensive domain experience, research efforts, product development expertise, and a strong desire to provide cost effective applications were leading drivers of the development of ACVITS. Amazon AWS PaaS scalability, security, performance, availability and cost effectiveness are unparalleled in the industry.  We integrated AWS and open source tools to build this unique system. ACVITS can be easily configured and customized to fit your unique requirements.

ACVITS features include:

  • Full Content Life Cycle Management functionality
  • Configurable workflow at folder and file levels
  • Runs from the client’s AWS environment
  • Advanced end to end security and AES-256 encryption at rest
  • Multi Factor authentication (MFA)
  • Records Management Policy
  • Litigation hold
  • Strong audit support with historical data reports
  • Integrated Portal System to register external applications
  • Optional integration to Microsoft AD
  • Bulletin board to communicate with users
  • Supports all file types
  • Supports very large files (1 TB )
  • Ability to load contents using bulk load, drag and drop
  • Familiar and intuitive interface accessible from mobile device and workstation
  • A dashboard with charts on organizational content usage
  • Enterprise folders and Personal folders
  • Share content using Hyperlink with internal customers
  • Time based content share using Hyperlink with external customers
  • Ability to create groups and roles to provide appropriate privileges
  • Ability to make a document as favorite
  • Easy access to the recently used documents
  • Content renewal reminder alert
  • High availability (99.99%)
  • Acts as a centralized document portal allowing links to third-party applications
  • Ability to search and filter the documents and users
  • Ability to publish documents at external facing website.
  • Ability to build custom extensions
  • Select and share multiple files with multiple recipients
  • Simple and fast online file sharing experience.
  • Enable security and privacy at each file and folder level
  • The secure and confidential ecosystem for your documents.

OOAC LLC was founded in 2002 as an information technology company based in Richmond Virginia.

The company is highly specialized in database services, software development, talent sourcing and application services.  Our client base includes Federal, State, and Local Governments, and commercial companies.