Content Management System

OOAC has unique expertise when it comes to managing and deploying Content Management System, otherwise known as management of unstructed data.  Unstructured data management is widely used across the enterprises on medical, learning, office administration, archives just to name the few.

OOAC has assisted in the installation and administration of Oracle Content Management System at the US Department of Forest Service.  The ContentDB system at the Forest Service manages about 250 million documents, with a database size of 200TB and 50TB of Bfiles.  The system runs on a Federal private cloud and supports about 43,000 users.  This Oracle solution runs on Oracle 12c grid infrastructure and 11gR2 database on a 6 node RedHat 6.x OS nodes.

OOAC also assisted in the architecture design and deployment of Nirvana by General Dynamics.  Nirvana is a metadata-intensive storage technology originally developed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). This installation is expected to be the largest Content Management System in the world.

OOAC also has extensive experience working with learning management system like Blackboard and custom created solutions.

We have assisted a venture capital firm in redesigning their Content Management System for Lawyers.

So whether it is Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle ContentDB , Web Center Content, General Dynamics Nirvana, Blackboard or custom build learning management solutions,  OOAC has strong credentials and certified professionals to support.