Application Services

Our professionals have extensive experience working in enterprise applications deployment, administration and setting up scaleable architecture at Fortune 500 companies.
We have deployed enterprise applications like Oracle EBusiness Suite with multi-language support used by worldwide users.

We have installed and administered world’s largest content management system in the civilian and defense areas.  We have the expertise in managing content at small like,  law firm content to very large system owned by the Federal Government agencies.

Whether your enterprise need support for existing applications, application archive, database archive or database migration, our years of experience in the industry with proven skill sets will be valuable resource to you.

We can manage Oracle EBusiness Suite [10.7 to 12.x], PeopleSoft [8.x to 9.x], Microsoft Dynamics gp, Dynamics, and custom applications.

We can assist you with application data archiving from ever increasing database,  database partitioning and data archive, database migration from cross platform and upgrade.

Our expertise include application and database auditing, performance tuning and encrypting sensitive data.