ACVITS installation and setup from a private AMI image

ACVITS installation and setup is simple and can be performed within 2 hours.

  1. Login to your AWS Account.
  2. In EC2 Console, click on AMI in left navigation bar.
  3. Select Private Images in drop-down to view the instance.
  4. When the instance is displayed, select the image and then click on Launch.
  5. Select an Instance Type that suits your needs and then click on Review and Launch.
  6. In the next step, review the instance and click on the Launch button when you are ready.
  7. While creating key pair, select the option to Create a new key pair, specify Key pair name and then click on Download Key Pair.
  8. When instance is successfully launched, click on the Instance or go back to EC2 console.
  9. Click on Elastic IPs in left navigation bar of EC2 Console.
  10. Click on Allocate new address.
  11. Click on Allocate button to generate the IP Address.
  12. Once the IP Address is generated, click on it to return to Elastic IP Address panel.
  13. Right-click on IP Address and select Associate address in shortcut menu.
  14. Select the newly created instance and a private IP from corresponding dropdowns. To conclude this operation, click on the Associate button.
  15. Click on Security Groups in left navigation bar of EC2 Console.
  16. By default, there will be a security group.
  17. New security groups are created automatically, when new IP address are generated.
  18. Select the required security group and then open Inbound tab corresponding to it.
  19. Click on the Edit button to modify the Inbound rules of the selected security group.
  20. Add all the rules as shown in the image below and hit Save.
  21. Go back to Instances and obtain the Elastic IP assigned to it.
  22. Open a browser tab and enter the Elastic IP in address bar to launch ACVITS.
  23. Fill appropriate values in all fields and then click on Submit.
  24. A validation email containing token key will be sent to the email address you submitted in previous step. Fetch the token key from email and specify a password before clicking on Start.
  25. Specify the registered email address and password and sign-in to the ACVITS account.
  26. Your ACVITS account will be usable only after the details required in Configuration section are furnished. The subsequent steps will provide instructions on how to create a S3 bucket, Twilio account and Email setup necessary for ACVITS Configuration.
  27. Launch Amazon S3 Console: .
  28. Login to your S3 account.
  29. Click on Create Bucket.
  30. Specify a unique bucket name, then select Region and Next.
  31. Set properties as required in the subsequent step and click on Next. Recommend Client to enable the AES-256 Encryption property and also add tags of their choice.
  32. Set necessary permissions in Step 3 and hit Next.
  33. In the final step, review your preferences and click the Create bucket button.
  34. Once the bucket is created, proceed to My Security Credentials in admin menu
  35. Select Continue to Security Credentials in pop-up dialog.
  36. Expand Access keys(access key ID and secret access key) menu and click on Create New Access Key button. If there is more than one Active access keys, make then inactive, then only user can download the access keys.
  37. In the pop-up dialog, click on Show Access Key to view Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
  38. Return to your ACVITS account and go to Configurations section.
  39. In AWS S3 Configurations form, specify AWS Key, AWS Secret Key, AWS Region and AWS Bucket Name values in the relevant fields provided and hit Test.
  40. If the test is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.
  41. Click on Submit to save the AWS S3 configuration values.
  42. Proceed to Mailer Configurations section. After specifying username, password and server details corresponding to your SMTP Mail provider, hit the Test button.
  43. A confirmation message will appear when the test is successful.
  44. Click on Submit to save the SMTP settings.
  45. The ACVITS system requires your Twilio account information to deliver OTP messages via SMS. In order to setup your own Twilio account, please follow the steps outlined below.
  46. Launch and go to the Sign Up form.
  47. Specify relevant information in all Sign Up fields and click on Get Started.
  48. In the subsequent step, submit your phone number and click on Verify.
  49. In the subsequent step, enter the OTP number delivered to your phone number and click on Submit.
  50. In the next step, specify a project name and click the Create Project button.
  51. As soon as the project is created, you will be redirected to the step to get a Twilio. Click on the Get a number button to obtain the number.
  52. Twilio will display the number it generated. Click on Choose this Number to confirm your selection.
  53. Your application URL is http://www.<domain name>