Exit Strategy?

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Every system has an end of life, and your data lives longer than the application that supports it.

If you are in the market for a content management system, certainly will find a dozen applications that fit small to large companies.

How do you figure out which application suits your need? You would start by comparing the features interested in the list of products. It can be a tedious process as most content management systems support core functionalities.

Your extended selection criteria may include additional features, product integration, architecture, user interface, customer support, user reviews, and price.

If you do not understand the contract with a service provider, data ownership, and exit procedures you are in for a big surprise at the end of product life cycle. Content management system needs are different from other applications; it has very large storage needs, network bandwidth, search performance and collaboration that set itself from other systems.

Every system has an end of life, and your data lives longer than the application that supports it. New technologies are emerging and that brings new opportunities.

When choosing a CMS provider, ask for a documented procedure on an exit strategy. Getting your data out of a SaaS provider with multitenant architecture is going to be the hardest. There are several factors that make it difficult to get your data out, including the data model, network bandwidth, metadata, document id, and security settings.

OOAC was part of deploying world’s largest Content Management System (CMS) at the US Department of Forest Service. Also assisted with DoD’s CMS deployment, expected to be largest in the military space. In some context, CMS system is also called as document management system (DMS).

We designed our system with you in control of your data. Our application runs on your Amazon AWS account and that makes the migration to another system easier in the future. ACVITS is a configurable and customizable application. You can embrace newer stories without breaking the existing system with the use of plugins or custom extensions.

Learn more about ACVITS at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1MsW9akZEw&t=8s

OOAC LLC was founded in 2002 as an information technology company based in Ashland Virginia.