ACVITS Workflow for School Grading System

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By Bijaya Behera

Every school needs to have a grading system designed wherein the students can submit their work document and the professor can review the documents and grade it along with the feedback on it.

ACVITS Content Management System is the one stop solution for the entire Grading System. With an integrated workflow management, Content Admins can create multiple workflows and assign different reviewers and an automated escalation based on lead time for reviews. The students can upload their document into ACVITS and the professor based on the workflow can review it and provide the grades along with any feedbacks. As soon as the student uploads any document the student receives and email for successful submission and the reviewer receives and email for pending document review.

Also, the workflow can be set to send reminders for any pending task needs action. If the student doesn’t upload it on time or the professor doesn’t review it within the timeframe the system will automatically take actions as defined. The reviewer can approve or reject the documents along with the feedback and the student will be notified on the same. Thereafter the student might update the documents as per the feedback of the professor and submit it again if required.

Audit trail is enabled to track all the changes happening in this process ACVITS, Content management system by default uses advanced encryption AES256 which encrypts all documents stored within the application. ACVITS Content Management System also allows to add multiple level of approvers for the workflows. This will aid to make the final gradation process very simple, easy to achieve and to keep things transparent with the higher administrative levels of the school.