How could a school system use ACVITS?

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School system deals with different types of documents like engineering drawings, media files, images, PII records, and so forth. Many of these documents need to be retained for long period of time as the students would return to school either for continued study or transfer of credits. The integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data are very important for the school system.

ACVITS, Content management system supports all file types. Whether the documents are engineering drawings, media files or any other file types, ACVITS is designed to support it. ACVITS, Content management system by default uses advanced encryption AES256 which encrypts all documents stored within the application. Security and encryption are core features of ACVITS, and it starts from document transfer from your device to rest at ACVITS library.

ACVITS is run from Amazon AWS cloud. Amazon S3 standard is designed for 99.99% availability and is backed by Service Level Agreement (

ACVITS supports very large system. A single file size can have 5TB.

ACVITS, Content management system supports document lifecycle. An author creates a document and is shared with collaborates for updates then publishes to the stakeholders. The document can be shared via a link within the organization or outside the organization. When a document is shared with outside organization, you can define the life of the link to be active. This is a good security and business practice as your offer is valid for a number of days.

ACVITS, supports your organizations records management policy. By default, no file is removed from the system even if a file is deleted. You can set up a value to purge deleted documents and finally remove the documents from the system.

ACVITS supports document reminder option. You can add a reminder date and a note to a document. This function will serve you with a reminder and take an action based on the note. A reminder email is served to the author and Content administrator. This functionality is useful for review and renewal of a document, example like publish next release or renewal of an annual contract.

ACVITS provides a portal functionality. The content administrator can add links that are internal or external to the organization. This serves ACVITS as a landing application from which other applications can be accessed.

ACVITS sign up page can be used for corporate communication. You can publish upcoming maintenance, security awareness tips, press release or send a birthday invite!

There are several features available in ACVITS. It is a simple, intuitive, secure and intelligent application derived from years of content management experience, research, and advanced application development expertise.

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