Managed Service with reduced OPEX and CAPEX

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The Banking industry knows very well on importance of application security, performance and data replication. You can imagine their feeling when unable to service a client promptly with accurate information. Small and medium banks are under immense pressure to secure data in the avalanche of security breaches and meet performance standard.

So when a local bank approached us with mortgage application performance issue, we knew it very well the issue is very critical.

Larger information technology service firms tend to be specialized in one area. So when there’s a problem and multi-vendor products are involved in the architecture, that’s when blame gave begins and start hurting the business.

For small and medium organizations, when choosing a managed service partner should look for end to end support with expertise in encryption, authentication, BYOD, ‘Disaster Recovery’, Network, OS, Coding and Database. These days’ dynamic small managed providers are offering support on wide range of products. Smaller firm tend to offer better service quality as customer satisfaction is key to their survival. They generally rank top in customer satisfaction surveys.

Here are some benefits of choosing an end-to-end managed service provider

Reduced Operating expenditure (OPEX)

It is possible to reduce operating cost by moving routine tasks and operational responsibilities to a managed service provider. Based on our 10 years’ experience as a provider, clients could reduce operating cost by 35% by choosing an end to end managed service provider.

Reduced Capital expenditure (CAPEX)

The SMB (Small and Medium Business) can lower CAPEX by moving IT infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud offers flexibility to add resources on demand, available anywhere from Internet and ability to write off the expenditure yearly makes cloud a perfect place to run your application.


Another big advantage of choosing an end to end managed service provider is accountability. You know where the buck stops. In a well-defined managed service contract, client knows exactly who has to take blame when the service is down.

Enhanced productivity

Since managed service handling routine tasks, clients can take eyes away from mundane tasks and focus on more important tasks for the business. This improves client’s employees’ morale and able to provide undivided attention to business goals.

End to end analysis on complex issues

The root cause analysis of any complex problem would tell you a fact; it requires end to end analysis. For SMB, waiting for a problem solved until next day is a matter of survival. So when choosing a managed service provider, think about available expertise in the company, who can do analysis on network, system, application, security and database components all from a team of experienced professionals.