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OOAC LLC is an information technology company founded in 2002 in Ashland Virginia USA.

We value in a strong relationship with our local community and partner network. We invest in community efforts on science technology, like supporting school system robotics program. We reach out to the community organizations that help in awareness and underprivileged section of the society.

We are an advanced technology company believe in investing in the young generation. Our internship programs offer hands-on experience in advance technology which helps them realize their potential.

Together, we can make a difference.

Connect with us to find how the advanced technology can simplify and speed up your solutions to the market.

Content Management System

OOAC has unique expertise when it comes to managing and deploying Content Management System, otherwise known as management of unstructed data.


ACVITS is a secure mobile friendly Content Management and Portal System. The application supports full content lifecycle, and saved at client’s Amazon AWS account.

Talent sourcing at its best

Human resources are important assets of any organization.  A highly educated, experienced, motivated, team can charge organization to achieve higher goals.

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Cardinal principle of a CMS system


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Exit Strategy?


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Recent Projects

Content Management Portal System (ACVITS)

CVITS features include document lifecycle, records management, litigation hold, advanced encryption, collaboration with internal and external users, a corporate dashboard for rapid communication, and very large file support (5TB).
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Venture Capital Deal Flow Application
Industry: Investment Banking
Venture capital funds help companies develop, mature, and market expansion of products and services. Funding requests…
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Deployment of an Oracle Content DB Application
Industry: Government
The Oracle Content DB application offers a web enabled, searchable centralized repository for non-structured documents. Our employee…
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