WSO2 Mobile Device Management

WSO2 Mobile Device Management

                                                                             By Sreedevi K Nair

OOAC would like to share information on WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM), a comprehensive platform that helps to address BYOD challenges. WSO2 MDM solution enables secure over-the-air configuration of WiFi, Email, Password Policy and operations such as enterprise wipe. WSO2 MDM monitors BYOD policies for the enterprise and seamlessly connects with WSO2 MAM to make the enterprise app space efficient. WSO2 has MDM Policy monitoring mechanism and WSO2 MDM agent application to warn the user about the app and requests him/her to remove it from the device. Any employee can enable the MDM features of any device of their choice by simply installing MDM Agent Application and enrolling to the WSO2 MDM.

Some key features of MDM include:

1.Device Provisioning:

iOS and Android powered devices are enrolled to the MDM server using this process. This is an automated process that takes place in the backend.

2.Device Configuration:

This includes features such as device lock, enable or disable camera, clearing pass-code assigned to users, setting pass-code policy with specific criteria, user password protected wipe, send message, encrypt storage, mute, change pass-code, APN, Email, Calendar, LDAP, Enterprise Wipe.

3.Policy Enforcement :

Administrators can assign policies with various criteria (e.g., lock password, length of the password, and more) to users, roles and platforms.

4.Compliance Monitoring:

EMM will automatically carry out the compliance monitoring process to identify devices that are non-compliant with the policy.

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