Wireless Network Security

Wireless Network Security

The use of Wifi wireless networks has lead to a new threat to companies. Many organisations are unaware of the threat this useful technology had in store.

1.What are the threats?

Some of the wireless network security risks include:

1.Unauthorised use of internet connection: Fast internet connections can be used by intruders, causing excess traffic and overloading of your service.

2.Unauthorised access to your internal servers and confidential data: Since the intruders have enough time, they can work out computer passwords and gain access to the organisational data.

3.An intruder reading the network traffic as it flows across the network:An intruder can listen to the network traffic using a WiFi listening tool. The intruder will be able to view the information from across the network.

2.How to make your wireless network more secure?

1.Introducing access lists: Each Wifi card has a unique identification number. Wifi networks have a list of allowed cards. Using only your cards will stop an intruders card from accessing your WiFi network.

2.Using encryption: Using this will stop an intruder from accessing your wireless network. It will also stop a casual intruder from seeing data on your network.

3. Hiding your network: Most access points broadcast their WiFi name. Turning this feature off can stop the WiFi network from drawing attention to itself.

4.Monitoring WiFi traffic: Softwares are used to monitor cards that have access to the network.

5. Implementing secure VPN for wireless users: For high security another level of security is introduced between network and standard wired network. This is a costly exerccise and only implemented on networks that contain particularly confidential and sensitive data.

Wireless network is considered a very flexible, cheap, highly useful and desirable new technology. Since it is susceptible to intruders an entry point, you need to understand and guard against the dangers.



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