Website Design using GoDaddy’s Website Builder Part II

Website Design using GoDaddy’s Website Builder Part II

By Joseph Martin


In my last installment I discussed some of the basic tools of the website.  As I have continued working with and reconfiguring the page (or as of now pages), I have discovered quite a few new features.  From the last time I posted we had discussed one of the basic tools and the most common tool used, Text Block.

The next tool that everyone should know about is the Image tool.  This tool doesn’t serve the same purpose as a tool like Text Block, the tool’s job is to “spice up” your website and draw people’s attention to your site.  Therefore, before putting your images onto your page make sure you have placed all your text where you want it, so that the site does not become cluttered.

The Image tool has many helpful features including: Crop, Resize, Text, Mouseover, Replace, Color, Exposure, and Rotate.  There is also the Properties tab but that not as much of a feature as it is an information tab.  The Crop tab is just like any other cropping tool and is very useful.  I use this tab often.  The Resizing tab can also be called a scale allowing you to blow up or shrink down your image without losing or adding any material to the image, therefore the picture stays the same but the size differs.

You can also use the Text tab to write over the text and add the text as a layer over the image (a layer is like a piece of glass over a piece of object allowing you to see both even though one has been laid over the other).  This allows for slogans and captions in your images.

The Color and Exposure tabs are also very useful.  Exposure allows you to set the brightness and contrast with a slider bar.  Color allows you to sets the hue and saturation of the colors.  The Hue slider gives the image different shades of color and applies it to the image.  This gives off an accent color most of the time, which can set the mood of your site.  Saturation, on the other hand, controls how vibrant the color of your image is.  For example it can affect the color so it almost glows or it can make the image into a grayscale.

Another tab, Mouseover is also helpful.  Say you want text to appear on an image but disappear once a visitor’s mouse is not over it.  Well that’s what this tab does and all it does, but it does that task well.

The Replace and Rotate tabs are pretty amazing tabs if you need to reposition or change out an image.  The rotate tab allows you to rotate (who would have guessed that) with precision.  That is you can rotate an image one degree, using the slider, or exactly ninety degrees with a button.  The Replace tab allows for you to switch out images, which is great if you have accidently misplaced an image or want to change the placement of your images.

This concludes installment two, the third installment will be published soon after this article is published.  So thank you for taking the time to read this article and if you have any questions please ask away.


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