By Sreedevi K Nair

OOACLLC using virtualization technologies helped organizations to minimize their capital expenses through server consolidation. Virtualization technologies also helps in provisioning an instance of application or OS on the fly.

Benefits of virtualization include:

  • Reduced investment on physical hardware

  • Ongoing cost of maintenance.

  • Effective utilization of computing and storage infrastructures..

Client requirements include:

A staging environment to test applications and also patch updates before implementing the same on production servers.

How was it done?

We proposed VMWare’s Vsphere solution to address the client requirements. Hardware requirements were planned based on the current utilization of the servers in the server farm and capacity for the virtualization infrastructure was arrived. With all the parameters like, Processing power, memory and storage requirements, the required hardware was ordered and the hypervisor setup. Using physical to virtual converters, application and database servers were ported to the virtualization infrastructure. Our test engineers ensured that the virtual machines that were ported complied with the performance requirement of the users.

The application & Database servers in the staging environment can be brought to production in case the primary server fails.

Outsource Online and Consulting (OOAC) is an Ashland VA based information technology company provides ‘24×7’ reliable support to our clients. We are partnered with Microsoft, Oracle and RedHat and offers best practice methodology on software deployments. OOAC is proud to report our customer retention rate is at 100%. We suggest companies request for a no-obligation quote from us on network, system administration, database and security areas and discover increased ROI and quality of service

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