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MS Graphics vulnerability leads to Remote Code Execution

MS Graphics is a vulnerability that leads to remote code execution if the user views content that contains specially crafted TIFF files. This vulnerability is known to effect all versions of Microsoft Lync, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack, and Microsoft Office viewers.

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Software Advisory Service (Microsoft)

Software license is an asset of an organization and is tracked by accounting or procurement department. A mismatch in license information can lead into expensive lawsuits like the one between Oracle Corp and Google Inc. Many companies are overlooking or ignorant of license violation and unaware of enterprise risk factor. Software Asset Management (SAM) can help companies avoid fines and corrective license fees, not to overspend on licenses and reduce the installation of illegal software.

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OOACLLC using virtualization technologies helped organizations to minimize their capital expenses through server consolidation. Virtualization technologies also helps in provisioning an instance of application or OS on the fly. We proposed VMWare’s Vsphere solution to address the client requirements. Hardware requirements were planned based on the current utilization of the servers in the server farm and capacity for the virtualization infrastructure was arrived.

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Captive Portal using Doloradius and Coovachilli

OOAC LLC implemented captive portal for one of its clients using doloradius and coovachilli. The implementation was done on Ubuntu 12.04.Shorewall was used to provide firewalling, link load balancing as well as separation of the LAN and Guest Networks. Coovachilli was used to grab intercept browsers of unauthenticated Guest users and direct them to the AAA page. Coovachilli was integrated with doloradius and MySQL so granular user access schemas could be configured, with a cupon based system, as well as detailed reports of usage.

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Deinstallation

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Deinstallation By Unni Kirandumkara OOAC’s Oracle team consists of highly experienced and certified Oracle professionals including ex-Oracle Corporation consulting resource.  We can support Oracle version 7.3 to Oracle 12c releases.  Our remote support framework offers 24×7 support when you need it […]

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Oracle 11gR2 RAC and Enterprise Manager Cloud control 12c

Oracle 11gr2 RAC and Enterprise Manager Cloud control 12c bad credit instant approval loansUrgent Cash Loan Bad Credit OOAC is in the forefront of Oracle 11g R2 RAC DBA support.  Our staffs have installed Oracle at City of Raleigh, Department of Audits Georgia State and Department of […]

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Website Building using GoDaddy Website Builder part 1

Website Building using GoDaddy’s Website Builder By Joseph Martin Article one Website building was a foreign field to me as of a few days ago.  Being an OOAC, LLC intern has opened new worlds of exploration to me, and Website development was definitely one of those worlds.  […]

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