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Microsoft Azure Case Study

OOAC consulting has extensive experience in deploying Microsoft Azure solution. Cloud technologies have emerged as one of the key elements to consider when deploying IT infrastructure for SMBs and Enterprise at large. Today with companies offering three major services, ( IaaS, PaaS & SaaS ) as part of Private, Public & Hybrid models, Organizations have a choice to choose between these along with managed and unmanaged models with acceptable SLAs.

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Website Design using GoDaddy’s Website Builder Part II

Website Design using GoDaddy’s Website Builder Part II By Joseph Martin   processing receipts In my last installment I discussed some of the basic tools of the website.  As I have continued working with and reconfiguring the page (or as of now pages), I have discovered quite […]

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Website Building using GoDaddy Website Builder part 1

Website Building using GoDaddy’s Website Builder By Joseph Martin Article one Website building was a foreign field to me as of a few days ago.  Being an OOAC, LLC intern has opened new worlds of exploration to me, and Website development was definitely one of those worlds.  […]

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