Samba Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


                                                                                                                                By  Sreedevi K Nair

Recent reports have found that Samba, a tool that is used to integrate linux servers with windows environment faces a vulnerability flaw that allows hackers to gain super user permissions on the networks. The impact is large since Samba is implemented practically everywhere Linux is in use. The flaw is said to have affected 3.6.3 and earlier versions.

What causes this?

The issue is caused as a result of a flaw in the code generator for RPC(Remote Procedural Call), that is responsible for communication over the network. The flaw allows the attacker to make malicious RPC calls that direct server to execute arbitary code.

How to overcome this?

Update your samba to any new version. If you have an embedded Linux, then try replacing your system. Users are advised to avoid any processes involving the NetBOIS  nmbd daemon to fix the flaw.

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