Palo Alto-Firewall Load Balancer and Anti-Spam Audit


                                                                                                               By Sreedevi Nair

 OOAC, LLC performed Firewall Load Balancing and Anti-spam audit at our client sites. Palo Alto, an excellent firewall that makes a difference. OOAC,LLC used PA-5050 that belonged to PA-5000 series for the assessment.

 Palo Alto and the added advantages:

  • Full visibility and control into network traffic based on applications, users and content.

  • Can control applications by user, by application, by time apply Qos and more.

  • Detect and block any know or unknown threats, malware, spyware and viruses.

  • BYOD and provide safe access to roaming users with Global Protect.

Intial step involved requirement analysis and collection from the client. On the basis of the requirements a design was made. The steps following are:

 1. Reviewing the design.

2. Reviewing the configuration.

3. Reviewing the reports.

4. Reviewing the logs.

After the configuration review phase reports where generated, the reports included all information regarding the current design and enhancements to be made in order to improve the functionality. The final step involves reviewing the logs to ensure that the system is working fine. Time required for the entire process varies depending on the size of the organization. Check has to be performed on a regular basis to ensure that it satisfies the required functionality.


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