Oracle, in the Cloud or Falling From the Sky?

A columnist, from The Wall Street Journal, describes Oracle as “opening its wallet” to make “Oracle the largest cloud software firm” in the near future.3  An Oracle has really thrown itself into the world of Cloud computing in the past year with its release of Oracle 12C “the world’s first database designed for the cloud.”1   Then Oracle moved to buy Micros Systems and LiveLook to better their cloud capabilities.3 From 2003 to 2013 Oracle has averaged nine, “acquisitions” a year.3 Oracle has a little ways to go.’s, One of Oracle’s main competitors in the field, has cloud business revenue of 4.1 billion dollars while Oracle only nets 1.6 billion dollars from its cloud business.3 Oracle therefore has about 39.02% of the net revenue for cloud segments of  Remember though that Oracle has mostly been trying to get on par with its competitors in the cloud arena by buying up small companies.  Although this same behavior has been seen in other major players in the cloud world, especially in the area of cloud marketing like IBM, Adobe, and HP.2 It really is easier to buy small initiative companies then use up a large workforce, countless dollars, and endless amounts of time trying to come up with the next big Cloud technology just to see your competitor bring a comparable product to market two months before yours, it’s understandable.  Yet at the same time original ideas are important.  If Oracle loses its reputation as an industry initiator what will their new draw be?


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