Oracle Database 12c

Oracle 12c database is defined as the world’s first database designed for the cloud. Oracle aides to standardize, consolidate, and automate database services on the cloud.

Oracle 12c makes database consolidation, a key step to cloud faster and more easier .

Oracle Multitenant

Oracle Database 12c offers a new feature called oracle multitenant. Here the multitenant container can hold many pluggable databases.

Overview of Oracle Multitenant:

  • Simplified database consolidation at a greater density .

  • Efficient database provisioning, patching, and upgrading.

  • Multitenant architecture in the database tier rather than the application tier for SaaS requirements.

  • Complements Oracle Database options such as Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Active Data Guard.

  • Increase scalability and server utilization.
  • Manage many databases as one.
  • Meet service-level expectations with built-in workload resource management.
  • Retain the isolation of separate databases without changing applications or access rights.

Oracle Database Security

Oracle has powerful security controls such as database activity monitoring and blocking, privileged user and multifactor access control, database activity monitoring and blocking, privileged user and mulitfactor access control,data classification and discovery, transparent data encryption, consolidated auditing and reporting, secure configuration management, and data masking.

With Oracle customers can deploy reliable security solution without changes to existing applications, saving time and money.


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