Network Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment

Network Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment


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Gireesh Ramamurthy

Penetration testing is an authorized security evaluation of a network or computer by actively probing the system and exploiting any found vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing, also known as security assessment, is used to validate the security of a network. A thorough test of perimeter defences and access policies provides a level of practical assurance showing that an organization is doing things right and guidance in the areas where it needs improvement. It is a way to defend an organization’s information assets by preventing financial loss and demonstrating due diligence.  This tool provides a vital weapon in your arsenal to protect and safeguard your company’s well-being and bring peace of mind to the hectic world that is IT.


Our approach

Our approach is a simple, yet highly affective, two step approach that will truly put your network through its paces.  Over all these two methods used hand in hand will effetely test the application and give a near complete understanding of the application and network.


Test Methodology

At OOAC, we use thirteen most extensive test cases to assess your network vulnerabilities.  Briefly those cases are listed below.    You can contact us to learn more about test cases and how we could help you secure the environment.


1. Network Surveying

2. Port Scanning

3. Services Identification

4. System Identification

5. Vulnerability Research and Verification

6. Perimeter Testing

7. Trusted Systems Testing

8. Firewall Testing

9. Intrusion Detection System Testing

10. Containment Measures Testing

11. Password Cracking

12. Denial of Service Testing

13. Security Policy Review

At  the end of our consulting engagement, you would be provided with following deliverables:

  1. Vulnerability assessment report
  2. Severity & Risk analysis report
  3. Recommendations’ Document
  4. Organizational security policy document


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