Microsoft IE Security Flaw which allows hackers to take over workstation


Microsoft IE Security Flaw which allows hackers to take over workstation

                                                                                                                       By Sreedevi K Nair




IE versions 6-11 were affected by the security flaw called “zero day”. It is referred as zero day attack as there was no warning to release the patch in order to prevent the attack. The impact was so severe that the users were recommended not to use Internet Explorer until the flaw was patched. Hackers exploit the flaw and gain control of the workstation by creating a fake website that automatically installs malware when visited. This way hackers can take complete control and can steal personal, confidential and business information.

Fireye spotted that the hackers are targeting old systems working on windows XP and windows 8 as well. Some studies say that when a user visits a website that has malicious contents there are possibilities that a remote attacker can steal information or gain control of the user’s computer. It is found out that the hacker uses a corrupted Adobe Flash file to attack the victim’s computer; users can secure their computer by turning off Adobe Flash within Internet Explorer or simply change web browsers until a patch is released. In order to prevent this, it is very important to keep Windows update on and set to automatic in order that your workstation or laptops receives latest security patches.

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