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Change, although always present is seldom risk free.  Managed service comes with benefits and risks.

Managed Service, Software as a Service, Cloud computing and Remote Infrastructure Management is widely being used by organizations to deploy and manage business applications.  These models are helping small and medium businesses (SMB) to challenge larger organizations in product and service offerings while keeping capital and operational expenses low by using lease payment model.

In this newsletter, OOAC would like to inform our readers on how ‘Small and Medium Business’ could benefit from using managed service to reduce operational expenses.  When choosing for managed service, we recommend you experiment with a small sampling and run risk benefit analysis before embarking on enterprise wide approach.

Here are some classic key factors in making a decision on managed services.

You begin the process by identifying the scope, where support is required and performance can be measured.  Here are some of the areas our clients have chosen for managed service support, repeatable business process such as managing ERP and CRM applications, Data Warehouse management, Systems that are unsupported by original vendor either due to out of support period or high cost on license renewal, Database, Server, Storage and Network administration support.

There are other cases where a SMB would choose a managed service provider as it is becoming increasingly difficult to find experienced professionals and retain them; sometimes it is all about bottom line on the operational expense and use of experienced professionals.

Our research indicates companies save on an average 65 percent on operational expense when opted for managed service provider model.

Small and Medium Businesses can benefit by choosing a managed service vendor for a three month monitoring and on-call support as a trial period before going into a long term contract.  This time period would allow company to assess vendor capabilities, business practice, SLA performance and be able to evaluate the vendor.

Managed service is all about having a reliable partner with your business.  The partner should be forward looking to protect your business with right level of technical and business knowledge.

Here is an article for more information,

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