Heartbleed bug exposes credentials and solution

Heartbleed bug exposes credentials and solution

A newly discovered security flaw in SSL communication is code named as Heartbleed by Finnish security firm has opened up the myth of secure Internet communication.

Financial institutions, government and other secure sites are expected to fix the flaw quickly as the news is out on how easily secure data can be stolen by hackers.

The solution is as a consumer you should reset password after institutions do bug fix. As a best practice use a combination of characters including upper and lower alphabets, numbers and special characters when choosing a password.

Here are some security measures you should always practice:

  • Use security software.
  • Maintain current software and updates.
  • Follow organization’s established procedures for accessing information.
  • Aceess only those files and applications for which are approved by organization.
  • Do not store sensitive or confidential information on a system unless it is protected.
  • Lock your workstation when leaving the vicinity of your computer.
  • Do not use Peer-to-Peer file sharing.

For additional information on protecting your organization’s information technology security, contact us at info@ooacllc.com.

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