RAM Hacking

There is a saying that chain is only as strong at its weakest link. The level of information security breach is unprecedented and victims are widespread across the industry including major financial firms and security solutions providers.  That speaks of hackers’ reachability and level of sophistication. Though there is no silver bullet to address the security issues, following the industry’s best practices can limit the extent of damage.

Most large organizations have dedicated information security department to safe guard enterprise.  Hiring and keeping highly experienced information security professionals is a costly affair that only large corporations can afford.

The best practice for small and medium size companies to address their security concern is to have relationship with a firm that can offer security administration, audit and on-demand support when needed.  When you are selecting a company for security support, check on the company’s area of expertise in Servers, Network, IT Policy, User devices, Network accessibility to partner network, off-line data and People as these are required to safe guard your data.

OOAC has been continuously striving to improve security of our client’s infrastructure for several years.  Our portfolio of information security professionals includes servers, network, mobile devices, mobile application programming and database administration.  We would like to keep you informed on the latest security threat by sharing the information available to us.

Please find below the latest article from Verizon on RAM hacking an area where vulnerability is open on encrypted data process.


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