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Oracle Database 12c

Oracle 12c database is defined as the world’s first database designed for the cloud. Oracle aides to standardize, consolidate, and automate database services on the cloud. Oracle 12c makes database consolidation, a key step to cloud faster and more easier . Oracle Multitenant Oracle Database 12c offers […]

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Wireless Network Security

The use of Wifi wireless networks has lead to a new threat to companies. Many organisations are unaware of the threat this useful technology had in store.

1.What are the threats?

Some of the wireless network security risks include:

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K V M f o r S e r v e r V i r t u a l i z a t i o n

K V M  f o r  S e r v e r  V i r t u a l i z a t i o n KVM stands for Kernal-based virtual machine. It is considered as the newest hypervisor to enter the virtualization market. Like many other […]

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