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OpenStack is a set of software tools that helps in building and managing cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds. OpenStack is considered as the future of cloud computing.

OpenStack is an open source software, anyone who chooses to can access the source code, make the changes or modification they need and share the changes back to community at large. OpenStack has grown and developed over the past four years, to the point where it is now garnering serious attention from IT executives and developers around the world.

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OpenStack For Private & Hybrid Clouds: Costs, Benefits & Risks

The benefits of using OpenStack stem, in part, from the fact that it is a cloud platform and all cloud platforms offer similar benefits. But there are advantages to OpenStack that stem from the way this particular open source cloud platform was created and developed.

Let’s start with the common benefits of cloud platforms. Clouds can lead to improved server utilization over conventional server virtualization. With a cloud, users can start and shutdown virtual instances as needed without direct support of IT staff. This is especially important when
running large, ad hoc jobs, such as data analysis. Servers that may be underutilized at a point in time can be used to run additional virtual instances that increase overall utilization.

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OpenStack for Hybrid Clouds: Challenges and Considerations

OpenStack is an obvious candidate for building hybrid clouds: it is an open source project supported by an active community that has the stamp of approval from major cloud vendors, including Red Hat, HP and Rackspace. If you are thinking about deploying an OpenStack hybrid cloud, it can help to first consider how you will deal with some common challenges, including differences in OpenStack implementations, automating configuration operations, cloud bursting, and network connectivity issues.

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